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Αntinflammatory, protects the stomach, improves digestion


A powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic herb complex to treat the urinary tract infections.


For the most gentle care of constipation in babies, children, vulnerable and elderly.  based on Fig & Manna. N1 on sales!

Chronic fatigue

Magnesium Complete


For the proper functioning of nerve conduction, the formation of collagen and strengthen the bones. Acts against cramps, insomnia, arrhythmias, and spasms.  


Germe Di Grano-Wheat Germ Oil


Wheat Germ Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, protects the Heart, Reduces cholesterol, Is an important Antioxidant, enhance the health of the Hair and Skin. Useful in the diet of athletes.


Black Mulberry syrup to treat inflammation of the gums, oral and pharyngeal. Suitable for children and infants


Fish Oil – Ω3


Omega 3 fatty acids for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and regulating the cholesterol level, and triglycerides


Curcuma & Piperina


Helps fight inflammation, arthritic diseases in maintaining good liver status and lowering cholesterol, also has excellent antioxidant properties.

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100% Satisfaction

This winter I completely avoided the flu vaccine by using camu-camu in combination with ImmunvitC everyday.

Georgia / Facebook

The products I ‘ve found are 100% natural without chemical additives and effectively.

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The regurgitation of my gastric fluid was improved thanks to Flagex and if I forgot and ate some food later at night I realized how effective this was!