We have created Phytomore, based on long experience and knowledge of nature in order to provide small wonders to improve health and well-being.

ollaboration with leading herbalists, phytotherapists and researchers we have secured unique compositions of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, providing nutritional supplements of exceptional efficacy.

We select most of our herbs from pristine regions of the planet and in particular by volcanic zones of the Mediterranean, where the ground is more enriched with minerals and trace elements and more rich in nutrients.

In this way , with healthy and strong herbs, collected from lands cleanly without pollution, such as ile valleys of mountains, forests, the deserted coastal areas and private lands that are designated as Not-GMO (genetically modified ), crops, we are sure that we can guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of our products.

Beyond a simple list of herbal products, our pages contain all the experience and dedication of qualified people who, through their everyday life in close contact with people and nature, realize with zeal and scientific rigor, high quality artisan herbal products.

All our products are handcrafted using traditional methods of laboratory where for the extraction and micronization of herbs are not used machines that could compromise the values ​​of the active ingredients of plants (pharmacological method for the pulverization of a product, so that it becomes fine powder like talc), Our tablets are obtained from a slow and gentle compaction to guarantee the integrity of the active ingredients.

All our products are made in Italy. Are 100% natural, non-GMO, does not contain dyes, artificial sweeteners, colorings, nor artificial sweeteners or synthetic vitamins.